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Uncensored Vagina Picture from Watch Dogs 2

Apparently a programmer at Ubisoft fucked up and included an uncensored picture of a vagina on one of the character models¬†in Watch Dogs 2. The game is already rated M for Mature, so I’m not sure what the big deal is. It sounds like it is going to get removed in a patch.

So low and behold, here is the complete uncensored vagina picture from Watch Dogs 2¬†that you’ve all been looking for.

uncensored vagina from WatchDogs 2

close-up vagina from WatchDogs2

Use Kodi To Get Rid Of Your Cable Or Satellite Bill

Here’s a quick instructional how-to video on how to setup Kodi on a Windows PC. Kodi is software that lets you stream movies over the Internet. You have access to live streams and pay TV that you would normally have to pay a subscription to watch. Basically anything you find on a torrent site will be available to stream on Kodi.

For this video I am using the Paradox build of Kodi.

Here is the site you need to register at to get your username and password:

Next, to download the kodi software, visit:

Finally, here is the web address you need to enter in Kodi to download the Paradox build:

If you have any questions please register and post a comment!