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Use Kodi To Get Rid Of Your Cable Or Satellite Bill

Here’s a quick instructional how-to video on how to setup Kodi on a Windows PC. Kodi is software that lets you stream movies over the Internet. You have access to live streams and pay TV that you would normally have to pay a subscription to watch. Basically anything you find on a torrent site will be available to stream on Kodi.

For this video I am using the Paradox build of Kodi.

Here is the site you need to register at to get your username and password:

Next, to download the kodi software, visit:

Finally, here is the web address you need to enter in Kodi to download the Paradox build:

If you have any questions please register and post a comment!

Chromecast Unboxing, Setup and Review

I somehow managed to score a free Chromecast, so I thought I would quickly set one up and see how it works.

If you’re interested in picking one of them up, check out these links:

Canadian Shoppers:

United States Shoppers:

If you don’t know what a Chromecast is, it is basically a small device that plugs into the HDMI port of any TV and gives it functionality similar to a Smart TV. It allows you to stream things like Netflix, Youtube, etc. You can control it using your smartphone or tablet.

In this video I borrowed some footage from Dee and Dave, check out their channel here.


New Mediabrowser (Emby) Plugin for MoviePosterApp

A new version of MoviePosterApp has been released that includes a plugin to integrate it with Mediabrowser 3 (Emby).

Check out these links to my past videos to learn more about this free software:

Mediabrowser (Software to organize and access your movie library)

MoviePosterApp (How to create your own flat screen movie poster)

Now when you start up a movie on Mediabrowser, your flat screen display will automatically change to display the movie poster for the current movie, and will also show the approximate end time of the movie.

To download and use some of the cool motion posters you see in this video, check out my website at:

For more info or to download this software check out