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New Mediabrowser (Emby) Plugin for MoviePosterApp

A new version of MoviePosterApp has been released that includes a plugin to integrate it with Mediabrowser 3 (Emby).

Check out these links to my past videos to learn more about this free software:

Mediabrowser (Software to organize and access your movie library)

MoviePosterApp (How to create your own flat screen movie poster)

Now when you start up a movie on Mediabrowser, your flat screen display will automatically change to display the movie poster for the current movie, and will also show the approximate end time of the movie.

To download and use some of the cool motion posters you see in this video, check out my website at:

For more info or to download this software check out

B-Tech BT77 Wall Mount Speaker Stand Install For Front Height Speakers

I purchased some B-Tech BT77 wall mounted speaker stands to use for mounting my front height speakers.

If you would like to order a set, check out the links below:
For Canadian Shoppers:
Click here
For United States Shoppers:

The install went OK, after some initial error on my part drilling for the wall anchors, but I would highly recommend these speaker stands for anyone wanting to mount a set of heavy bookshelf speakers. I am already using a set of B-Tech BT77 stands for my rear surround speakers and they have worked perfectly.

Check out my install video below:

December 2014 Video Game and Home Theater Pickups Part 2

Here’s part 2 of my massive haul of video games for the month of December 2014.

If you’re interested in picking up the physical release copy of Infamous First Light, you can purchase it on amazon below. The physical release is a European exclusive and is only available as downloadable content in North America.
For United States shoppers:

For Canadian shoppers:

I also did some more work on my home theater, finally purchasing some more blank panels for my rack mount equipment unit. Next I insulated the interior walls and ceiling cavity surrounding my HVAC / laundry room so the noise didn’t carry so much into my theater which is adjacent. Thanks for watching!

Cheap DIY Video Game / Blu-Ray Shelves

In my never-ending quest for more shelf space for my growing video game collection, I decided I was going to build some shelves myself. I had been pricing some shelving online, specifically from a company called, but the shipping prices were so prohibitive for me here in Canada I decided I was just going to build something myself, despite my very limited carpentry skills. Boltz does make a great product though. I already own one of their shelves. But I just couldn’t justify the $100+ dollar shipping fees.

I basically just used three 8 foot 2X4s and 7 pieces of thin pine trim, along with a bunch of L brackets and screws. If I would have measured properly I could have gotten away with one less 2X4. Since my house is a log home, this made it much easier to fasten the shelves to the wall. It would have complicated things immensely if I would have had to try to hit a wall stud or had to use a bunch of wall anchors.

You can watch how I put the video game shelves together in the video below. These shelves would also work great for DVD, blu-ray or music CD collections. I also added some custom labels to the sides of the shelves to label what system was available on each shelf. To do this, I simply googled some system logos online, then made up some images the proper size in my paint program, then printed them out on a laser printer. Once they were printed I laminated them, then stuck them to the ends of the shelves using double sided tape. They are easy to remove and re-use if I need to switch things around.