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Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Setup and Review With Logitech G920

I do an unboxing of my new Next Level Racing Wheel Stand and set it up with my Logitech G920 connected to my Xbox One X, all displayed through an Optoma front projection system with 120″ screen.

You can purchase the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand at amazon:

The Logitech G920 just had a price cut to $250 Canadian or less as well:

Uncensored Vagina Picture from Watch Dogs 2

Apparently a programmer at Ubisoft fucked up and included an uncensored picture of a vagina on one of the character models¬†in Watch Dogs 2. The game is already rated M for Mature, so I’m not sure what the big deal is. It sounds like it is going to get removed in a patch.

So low and behold, here is the complete uncensored vagina picture from Watch Dogs 2¬†that you’ve all been looking for.

uncensored vagina from WatchDogs 2

close-up vagina from WatchDogs2