Dark Souls 2 Boss Fights Part 1

Dark Souls 2 Boss Fights – Part 1

I recently beat Dark Souls 2 and I think the game probably took a few years off my life. I’m not used to a challenge like that and I think my blood pressure was through the roof most of the time I was playing the game.

After beating the game you get the option to start the game over in what they call New Game Plus (NG+), which is essentially the same thing, but adds some more difficulty in certain areas. I’ve started playing the game over in NG+ and thought I might as well capture some footage of the boss fights this time.

Check out the first six bosses in my video below. They include: The Dragonrider, The Old Dragonslayer, The Last Giant, The Pursuer, The Ruin Sentinels and the Belfry Gargoyles. I’ll be sure to post the rest of the boss battles after I finish them.

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