DRAM class action lawsuit

Get $20 for FREE! Canadian DRAM Class Action Lawsuit

You might have seen these commercials running on TV recently. For my Canadian friends, if you visit www.themoneyismine.ca you can fill out their online form to register yourself as part of their class action lawsuit against the DRAM price fixing that took place between 1999 and 2002.

If you bought any item at all that had DRAM in it, (like a video game console) then you are eligible to join the lawsuit.

Here is some more info on the case if you are interested:

You don’t need to have receipts for your item(s). Just fill out their form and once the case is settled you will receive your $20 (amount might change depending on how many enter the suit).

If you do have receipts for the items you purchased back then, then you can enter all the items you purchased and will be eligible for a far greater settlement.

Hey, I can buy about 4 or 5 original Xbox games with $20, so I thought it was worth mentioning for those that hadn’t heard about it yet.

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