Media Browser 3

Media Browser 3

I use a program called Media Browser 3 to manage my collection of movies and tv shows. It is free software that creates an amazing interface between you and your media collection. You can watch the video below for a general overview.

Here are some links you will want to take note of if you are interested in trying out Media Browser 3 for yourself. – This is the site you need to visit to download the Media Browser server and client software. – Visit this site to make your own custom home theater intro videos that you can make play automatically beforeĀ  every movie starts.

If you’re going to consider adding a ton of HD movies to your collection like I have (currently over 2200 movies), I would suggest getting an external hard drive bay that can hold a lot of hard drives. Here is an excellent one from amazon:

This unit is hot swappable so if you need to add another hard drive you simply pull out the caddy, attach the new drive and slide it back in place. You don’t even need to power it off first. It couldn’t be any easier.

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