Live Motion Zombie Desktop Wallpaper

In this video I show you how to use a program called Wallpaper Engine to display full motion zombie videos as your desktop wallpaper. Will also work with any movie file you want to use.

Wallpaper Engine is available on Steam:

The Zombie wallpaper videos I used are available here:

The Doom wallpaper video I used is available here:

Will Alexa Call 911 Without Your Consent?

There’s been much in the news recently about an Amazon Echo device (Alexa) calling 911 when its owner was in the middle of beating up his domestic partner. See the article here on foxnews:

Woman Saved From Attack When Amazon Echo’s Alexa calls 911.

Is it possible for Alexa to listen in on your conversations and intervene by automatically dialing 911? I’ll show you the answer in this video.

To order yourself an Echo device visit this link:

Uncensored Vagina Picture from Watch Dogs 2

Apparently a programmer at Ubisoft fucked up and included an uncensored picture of a vagina on one of the character models¬†in Watch Dogs 2. The game is already rated M for Mature, so I’m not sure what the big deal is. It sounds like it is going to get removed in a patch.

So low and behold, here is the complete uncensored vagina picture from Watch Dogs 2¬†that you’ve all been looking for.

uncensored vagina from WatchDogs 2

close-up vagina from WatchDogs2

Use Kodi To Get Rid Of Your Cable Or Satellite Bill

Here’s a quick instructional how-to video on how to setup Kodi on a Windows PC. Kodi is software that lets you stream movies over the Internet. You have access to live streams and pay TV that you would normally have to pay a subscription to watch. Basically anything you find on a torrent site will be available to stream on Kodi.

For this video I am using the Paradox build of Kodi.

Here is the site you need to register at to get your username and password:

Next, to download the kodi software, visit:

Finally, here is the web address you need to enter in Kodi to download the Paradox build:

If you have any questions please register and post a comment!