Custom Home Theater Marquee

I purchased a custom home theater marquee from a company called HollywoodMarquees. You tell them what custom artwork you want on your marquee and they design it for you, including audio format logos like DTS Master Audio, formats you support in your theater like Blu-ray or 3D, etc.

They also have letter-trak lines you can have added so you can put in your own custom titles. See below for an example of my Freddy vs Jason title.

Custom Home Theater Marquee

They have a variety of sizes and options available. The construction quality is top notch, being made mostly of aluminum with a plexiglass front. The blinking / rotating LED lights are also a nice looking option.  You can check them out on their website and they also have an ebay store.

Check out the video of my unboxing and installation below.

Installing a Media Center Remote to Control Your PC

Here is a quick video I shot to show how you can make it so your Windows PC can be controlled by a remote control. The idea here is to get it working with the cheap ebay remote, then program the codes for that into your universal remote so everything can be controlled simply with one remote.

This comes in handy when you are using a program like Mediabrowser, XBMC or Plex, etc. Instead of browsing your movie collection using a mouse and keyboard you can just use your regular remote.

Here’s a link to a decent Media Center remote on Amazon in case you are interested in buying one.

More motion posters added to motion posters page

I’ve updated the motion posters page with quite a few new motion posters for use with the MoviePosterApp.

Unfortunately some of the new ones are rather low resolution and I haven’t tested them on my system yet. I would imagine if you have anything larger than a 40″ TV some of the lower res ones are going to look like crap.

But there are still some nice ones in there and I have several more uploaded on the server that I just need to add links to on the motion posters page, which I will hopefully get done before the weekend.

2Guns Motion Poster

Check back often as whenever I find a good motion poster I’ll make sure I add it to the site.

Bestmount BEST-DVD-713 shelf system install video

I was running out of places to store my video game consoles in my gaming room so I decided to install a new shelf system from Bestmount. The model is the BEST-DVD-713.

I already have a duplicate system right beside it holding 6 classic video games consoles. For this install I purchased 2 additional units from

For a quick look at how the system is installed, check out the video below:

I was able to find one listed on Amazon in case you are interested in purchasing one.