PS3 North American Exclusives

PS3 North American Exclusive Collection

I’ve decided to try to acquire a PS3 North American exclusive video game collection. I’m just including any games not released on any other competing console of the same generation that had a physical release in North America. I am not including digital-only titles.

While it would be nice to have a complete PS3 collection including al the multi-platform titles, it is just not a realistic goal for me considering there is probably close to 1000 titles released for the PS3. (I can’t find a reliable source with an exact figure)

So far I have tracked down 135 titles that were released exclusively on the PS3 in North America. At this point in time I have 41 of those titles in my own personal collection. I’m going to be doing an ongoing video series on my quest to acquire the complete North American exclusive PS3 collection. Here is the first video in the series.

You can keep up with my ongoing PS3 collection progress by visiting my PS3 Exclusives page. If you know of any titles that should be included in my list, please send me a message. (my contact info is on that page, or you can just leave a comment in any of my youtube videos.)

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