PSTV Unboxing, Setup and Review

PSTV Unboxing, Setup and Review

I purchased a PSTV bundle for $99.99 for my basement home theater system with the intention of using it to remote play my PS4 games from my PS4 console that is in my loft gaming room. While it has some neat features, it also has some annoying quirks, including a limit of 720P resolution and 2 channel audio. Remote play does work well, but I also ran into a bug with the resolution that I believe was caused by having my PS4 plugged into a HDMI switch. Overall, it is a neat device with lots of potential, especially for those wishing to play PS Vita games on the big screen, but I think another 6 months of development would have made this into a better product. As it is now, I can only barely recommend it. Also, the lack of Netflix support is down right mind-boggling. Watch the video below for more details:

If you’re interested in purchasing the PSTV bundle, which includes a Dual Shock 3 controller, an 8 GB memory card and the Lego Movie PS Vita game, then check out the links below.

For Canadians:

For United States Visitors:

They also have a standalone package for $20 cheaper that doesn’t include the memory card, game or controller, but the extras included in the bundle more than make up for the $20 price difference.

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