Sony LED TV Lag problem

Sony 70 inch LED 120 hz 3D TV Lag / Response Time Problem and Fix

While I didn’t initially notice any problems with my TV, my son said it was impossible to play Call of Duty on my 70 inch Sony LED TV. It is a 120 hz, 3D model.

I thought he was full of crap at first, but after investigating I seen there was indeed a very serious lag / response time issue.

Luckily it was an easy fix. Switching to Game mode takes care of most of the lag. It’s as simple as pressing the “Options” button on the remote, then choosing “Scene Select”, then selecting “Game Mode.”

This is the first TV I have owned that has had a serious issue with lag. Normally I just leave my TVs on Cinema mode, then I disable all the extra processing such as TruMotion, etc. Unfortunately that didn’t work on this Sony TV, so Game mode was the only solution.

If you’re wondering if your TV has a response time problem, I show a very easy way to diagnose it in the video below using a computer. Just drag your mouse cursor back and forth rapidly across a black screen and watch to see if it lags behind the cursor on your computer monitor.

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